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About Us

With over 70 years of experience, Hi-Standard Machining Company, Inc. is one of the top tool and machine part manufacturers in the Midwest. Located in Racine, Wisconsin, Hi-Standard specializes in Brown & Sharpe and Swiss CNC screw machining products and upholds a mentality of perfectionism for each screw machine project. Having built a large client base through word-of-mouth primarily, Hi-Standard has a strong reputation for treating clients with the utmost respect.

Started in 1946, Hi-Standard aims for the most up-to-date, top-notch business practices in the machine tool and parts industry. Quality is never compromised, and clients are continually satisfied and appreciative. Hi-Standard has fostered countless long-lasting relationships with its clients through providing the service and expertise they expect and deserve. Whether it is for medical parts or hand tools or automotive, we have the experience to ensure you get the right part at the right specifications for your unique application.

Using nothing but the finest materials, machinery, and processes, Hi-Standard's technicians are formally trained and highly experienced. They are able to go above and beyond expectations for any custom nuts and bolts, fasteners, bushings or just about any other machined parts. Visit our Products Gallery page to see some of the speciality machined components we have produced for past and current clients or view our more inclusive list of parts that we manufacture. Call Hi-Standard today, and remember, our name is a direct correlation to our practices: our standards are the highest in the area.

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