History & Benefits of Screw Machining

Swiss CNC 7-Axis Screw Machine

The first automatic screw machine was invented in 1861 and patented in 1865 by Brown & Sharpe. It was created to help build multiple parts repeatedly without any design changes. This helped with production speed and consistent product quality. With the screw machine, factories were also able to increase their volume while avoiding high material waste and time spent. The original screw machine was created with a single spindle and it was not until after WWI that the multi-spindle screw machine was created.

A single-spindle machine would be able to produce two products simultaneously. While a multi-spindle machine would typically have six main spindles allowing you to produce six times the amount of a single spindle. This leads to a faster production time, as well as savings on the amount of energy being used and space within the factory. Savings on electricity can help offset the costs of maintenance and upgrading safety and equipment and having more space can create opportunities for more equipment and safety for workers. All in all the benefits of multi-spindle screw machines leads to savings of both time and money for our clients.

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