Latest Trends in Swiss CNC Machining

The Swiss CNC Machining industry is continuing to grow in response to the rising needs in manufacturing. Ideally, manufacturing companies want to create a safe, productive environment for their employees, as this produces the best results for their business. Customization is currently the name of the game and will continue to be in the future. How is the Swiss CNC industry going to keep up with the rising demand? There are a few trends to take note of and, because of them, it is encouraging for anyone seeking a career in this growing industry. 

The 6-axis milling machine has been unveiled and creates better capabilities for machining in larger, more high powered industries like aerospace and automotive. The discovery of this machine is responsible for providing one of the main contributing factors to the progression of Swiss CNC machining, and that factor is efficiency. 

Efficiency is what manufacturers are constantly trying to achieve. Because of recent upwards trends and advancements in technology, this is now more possible than ever before. New CAD/CAM technology (computer aided manufacturing/design) is able to dissect the more complex machine parts and dimensions that bring more efficiency to the design and production process, creating higher efficiency regardless of scope challenges. CAM software eliminates human error at a high rate, and is an overall trend in Swiss CNC Machining that is causing this micro-space to continue growing. 

Collaborative robots that are utilized in manufacturing are also becoming more popular in the workplace and are helping to eliminate the higher dependence on labor. With custom demands high and the reality of labor shortages, these robots have shown to create a productive alternative. 

If you look across other industries, you will find similarities in terms of what factors are presently contributing to growth. With more advancements being made in Swiss CNC, milling machines, and spindles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has provided a massive support across the board. With the further advancements of AI, what took researchers years to discover, is now only taking them weeks or months at most. Compensation for Swiss Machining careers is continuing to grow, and the opportunities for machine operators, managers, and programmers is becoming a more attractive career path. Ideally, these technological advances are here to create the safest environments that are productive, efficient, and able to meet the higher demands from the market for customization. 

At Hi-Standard, we are excited to see how Swiss CNC machining is continuing to grow. We see greater opportunities for our business to grow, as well as provide stable and sustainable careers for those interested in Swiss CNC machining and technology. If you are interested in learning more about Hi-Standard, please contact us today!

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