Swiss CNC Machined Parts

There are many choices for CNC machined parts. One of those is parts made by Swiss CNC machines. Below are a few of the benefits of Swiss CNC parts and some background for Swiss style CNC machines.

Swiss screw machining has its origins in the production of watch parts in Europe along with other round or cylindrical parts. These machines were once considered “niche”, but have become increasingly popular in machine shops due to their precision in small part creation. They can also be smaller than other CNC machines due to how they function.

Swiss CNC machines use bar stock that is slid through a guide bushing while spinning. This allows the bar stock to be supported more securely than a traditional lathe. The turning tools mounted on the guide bushing cut the stock as it is spun below them. Swiss CNC machines can mount multiple tools in holders on gang sliders, as well as featuring back working tool stations and sub spindles.

One of the main advantages of Swiss CNC parts is that they can be both very small and very precisely made. This is due to the accuracy and precision of the Swiss CNC Machine thanks to how the machine operates. For example, they can be more complex than traditionally lathed parts. This is due to how well the bar stock is secured while the machine is running, which allows the machine to create finer details and thinner walls as they vibrate and deflect less in the machining process. This allows for extremely tighter tolerances in parts.

Additionally, Swiss CNC parts can be produced much faster, as the cycle time for a Swiss Machine can be much shorter than a standard CNC machine. This allows for the production of more parts faster, and with higher accuracy. These parts can be of such a fine and precise nature that in many cases, they are ready to ship as is once the machining process is complete.

Hi-Standard is proud to use only the finest in Swiss CNC machines to create the highest quality parts. Whatever you need, our experts and Swiss CNC machines use only the best materials to get your custom parts to you on time, and in the quantities you need them in. If you are looking for high quality custom Swiss CNC parts, contact us today!

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