Value Processes Produce High Quality

Providing the highest quality machine parts and tools for customers is a top priority for Hi-Standard. Clients across multiple industries rely Hi-Standard to operate their machinery with a high rate of efficiency. Being known for ‘high quality’ is not easy, however. There is a large price to pay in order to become the trusted parts provider for a manufacturer. Hi-Standard has become a top tool and machine manufacturer because of the quality it provides. Our process is the key to producing this level of quality for our customers. 

To achieve this goal of offering the highest quality parts to our customers, we had to know what to aim for. The International Organization for Standards (ISO) defines what the standards are across industries through their member bodies and national member representatives. ISO compiles industry experts across countries and the world to draft standards. Members draft standards and must come to a consensus in order for the draft to be published as a standard. This process takes at least 3 years. When a standard is published, it becomes the goal for companies to align with it because industry experts have determined that as the standard. 

The key to high quality is a high valued process. The next step to developing a high value process is forming alignment with the standard. It is easy for a business to fall into the belief that they can develop their own standards. This will only take them so far. It's only a matter of time before the short sighted standards fail to meet the market's needs. It takes integrity and humility for a business to say they need to align with the standard and that they need help doing it. 

As of September 15th, 2020, Hi-Standard received their ISO 9001:2015 certification through Eagle Registration Inc. The 9001:2105 standard is primarily focused on consistently providing products and services that meet customer requirements. It falls under the quality systems technical committee of the ISO. Hi-Standard's systems have been thoroughly audited to aligned and meet the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements, ensuring the highest quality for customers. It is all a part of the process. 

Now that quality has been ensured for clients, the process needs to be sustainable. Hi-Standard employs a well recognized calibration software that is commonly referred to by ISO registration companies and has a history of saving companies time and money. Machine calibration is an essential step in the process to continue providing the highest quality parts and tools.

To keep Hi-Standard in alignment with the vision of providing the highest quality, they utilize a Database Administration Program Manager. The job of the DBA program manager is to adjust and interpret important data from the calibration software to help make the best decisions for Hi-Standard and their customers. It puts everything together and ensures that Hi-Standard's high value process will produce the highest quality for customers.

As you can see, high quality comes at a high price. Hi-Standard delivers on this because we believe that high quality in parts and tools is one of the largest needs for our customers. That is why our customers have been depending on us for the last 75 years! Contact Hi-Standard for a proven process that delivers the highest quality in machine parts and tools!

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