Premium Automotive Component Manufacturing: Precision & Quality

Stainless Steel Screw Machine Part for Automotive ApplicationsHi-Standard Machining redefines the standards in automotive components manufacturing. Our dedication to precision and quality sets us apart, making us a leader in the production of CNC machined automotive parts.

CNC Machined Automotive Parts: Engineering Excellence
Our facility is equipped to handle the most demanding specifications, specializing in stainless steel automotive parts and precision automotive fittings. Our CNC machining capabilities ensure each component is crafted with utmost precision and quality.

Diverse Material Expertise: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, and Titanium
We pride ourselves on our versatility in materials, offering brass, aluminum, and titanium automotive parts in addition to our acclaimed stainless steel products. This diversity allows us to cater to various needs and applications in the automotive industry.

Custom Solutions: Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Parts to Hand Tool Components
Our expertise extends to creating specialized automotive diagnostic equipment parts and custom automotive hand tool components. Each product is a testament to our commitment to meeting the specific needs of our clients.

High-Quality Automotive Steel Parts: Durability Meets Innovation
We focus on delivering high-quality automotive steel parts, ensuring durability and performance. Our parts are not only built to last but also to enhance the efficiency of your automotive applications.

Advanced Technology: Swiss CNC 7-Axis Machining
At the forefront of technology, we utilize Swiss CNC 7-axis machining for automotive components, allowing us to produce highly complex parts with exceptional accuracy.

OEM Automotive Parts Supplier: Your Trusted Partner
As an OEM automotive parts supplier, we understand the importance of reliability and consistency in production. We ensure that every part meets the exact standards of original equipment manufacturers.

CNC Machined Part for Automotive ApplicationsSteel Threaded Insert for Automotive Applications

Specialized Processes: Heat Treated and Corrosion Resistant Components
Our heat treated automotive parts undergo a rigorous process to enhance their strength and longevity. Additionally, our corrosion resistant automotive components are designed to withstand challenging environments, maintaining their integrity over time.

Unique Services: Custom Logo Stamping on Automotive Parts
We offer custom logo stamping on automotive parts, allowing for brand personalization and distinction in your products.

Affordable and Precision Engineered: The Best of Both Worlds
Our commitment to affordable automotive parts manufacturing does not compromise on quality. We deliver precision engineered automotive components, ensuring you receive the best value without sacrificing excellence.

Hi-Standard blends cutting-edge technology, diverse material expertise, and a commitment to quality to deliver superior automotive components. Whether you need customized solutions or standard parts, we are here to exceed your expectations with our precision and expertise. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your automotive projects.

If it’s under an inch and a quarter, Hi-Standard can machine it!