Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines

Brown & Sharpe CNC Machine

In our Primary Operations Room, we have 15 Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines. These machines are older, but when combined with our various Citizens 7 axis Swiss CNC Screw Machines, they allow us to produce the parts that our clients need in the most efficient way. These Brown & Sharpe machines work great when producing low complexity and quick turned parts. They are also able to handle round, hex or square bar stock.

Each machine can be arranged with multiple tools to allow for different functions to be performed, including broaching, forming, tapping, and threading. Each function that a machine performs allows for a decrease in cost and an increase in efficiency by reducing the labor and machine time needed to manufacture the parts. Having various types of screw machines gives us the ability to determine how to best use them for each job.

Another important part of our machining process is our quality control. After machining each part, it then goes through our quality control room to ensure each piece meets the exact specifications. Our inspections are performed on a first article, in-process, and final inspection basis. This process allows us to meet or exceed customer expectations on every project, which is evidenced by our high growth due to word-of-mouth referrals.

Contact us today for your custom machining and screw machine needs. We will work with you to ensure your parts are made efficiently in both time and cost.