Swiss CNC Machining for the Aerospace Industry

When it comes to the aerospace and aircraft industries, precision is crucial. Accurate CNC machining is vital to maintain safety within highly detailed aerospace components. It is important that every component meets the highest of standards, with no room for error.

There are numerous components that can be created via CNC machining for the aerospace industry. Due to the extremely tight, accurate tolerances required, CNC Swiss machining is ideal for the fabrication of these parts. Everything from military aircraft, commercial airlines, to spacecraft make use of various CNC machined parts. These parts include fasteners, bushings, clamps, manifolds, hinges, shafts, valve components, engine and cockpit components, and more.

The materials utilized in the development of Swiss CNC components for aerospace are also very important. Aluminum alloys are popular due to their light weight and ease of machining. Stainless steel, titanium, and carbon materials are also commonly utilized. Producing Swiss CNC parts though the use of the right materials is critical to ensure the exact standards of the industry are adhered to.

Hi-Standard uses only the highest quality and precise CNC machines in the production of components for the aerospace industry. We use our Swiss CNC 7-axis Screw and Brown & Sharpe Machines to develop high-quality parts using the best materials to meet the growing needs of the aerospace industry. We are available to create any custom parts you need for your business and in the quantities required. Contact us today for a quotation!

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